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Demystifying Michigan’s Northern Lights

If you had your eyes on the sky in the Mackinac area last weekend, you may have had a front row seat to one of nature’s most breathtaking phenomena: the Aurora Borealis. Known more commonly as the Northern Lights, this celestial show has captivated Michiganders for centuries. But, the most recent appearance was a bit […]

The future of energy: Fuel cells

What is a fuel cell and why is it important? A fuel cell produces clean energy through a chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen. Fuel cells are extremely unique and can be quite powerful if used correctly. They are similar to batteries but do not require recharge or replacement. In general terms, a fuel cell […]

Empowering youth to make a difference

Whether it’s volunteering on a regular basis, fulfilling required hours for school or offering a helping hand to the neighbors, children benefit from dedicating their time to others. The facts speak for themselves: If a child spends an hour or more a week of volunteering, they are less likely to be involved in at-risk behaviors […]

Listen up grill masters: Summer BBQ safety tips

Michigan has fired up another year of delicious summertime grilling. One of the best parts about cooking out is that it can essentially be done anywhere: poolside, on the campground, on rooftop patios, and beyond. No matter where you roll out the hardware, always remember the risks that come with grilling season. Did you know […]

This month in Michigan history – July

Continuing in our ‘This Month in Michigan History’ series, we take a look at seven fascinating events that took place in our state during the month of July. Be sure to check out what happened in April, May and June for more great info. July 11, 1796: A United States flag is hoisted and flown […]

Michigan’s best boating spots to explore this summer

Our Great Lakes are reaching that perfect summertime temperature (research your local beach conditions here). With Michiganders flocking back to the water for the season, boats and sails are springing up everywhere along our great shores. When does boating season actually start? The biggest enthusiasts hit the lakes as early as the end of March, […]

Safety tips when taking a dip

As temperatures are high, we immediately look for ways to cool down. For some, it’s a tall, cold glass of water or relief inside of an air conditioned room. For others, there’s nothing better than finding the nearest pool and going for a swim. While swimming can be the ultimate fun during warmer months, it […]