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8 Labor Day festivals across Michigan

Did you know the first official Labor Day was celebrated on Sept. 5, 1882 in New York City? Over a century later, we’re still honoring the day as a national holiday used to recognize the social and economic achievements of American workers. Similarly to how they celebrated in the past, we’ve continued the tradition of […]

Jobs you didn’t know existed at DTE: Geologist

We’re back again with another addition of our series on ‘Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed at DTE’ with Amanda Wahr, a Geologist working for DTE Gas Company. Her job is very important to our company, as she is responsible for understanding the geology at the company’s seven gas storage fields, where customer gas is stored […]

This month in Michigan history: Founding Wayne State University

Industry, Intelligence, Integrity. These are the words that define Wayne State University, established in Detroit, Michigan on August 8, 1833. The institution actually started as a collection of smaller, highly specialized schools in the “Colleges of the City of Detroit” before being brought under the Wayne State umbrella. This happened due to the extraordinary vision […]

DTE Energy Foundation supports local community events through grants

As interactions become increasingly digital, seizing the opportunities to build community become increasingly important. Festivals and fairs have long provided not only entertainment, but also the opportunity for friends and neighbors to gather — which is why the DTE Energy Foundation launched a program this year to support the events that build a community. The […]

Getting the most out of school supplies

It’s that time of year again! Soon, school bells will ring and doors will open for another year in the classroom. For many parents, the routine of purchasing school supplies year after year can be tiring, and many times, very costly. With that in mind, here are a few items worth investing in (and fixing!) […]