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Relax and recharge with these simple tips

Keeping track of our mental health is just as important as maintaining good physical health, especially when it comes to managing stress levels. Not taking the proper amount of time to disconnect from technology and work can lead to mental health problems such as depression and sleep disorders. When you actively seek to reduce stress […]

How to report an outage in no time

Whether if it’s because of a raging thunderstorm, twisted and fallen trees or poles, or some other disruption to the energy grid, power outages are no fun for anyone involved. Every day, the teams at DTE Energy are improving technologies and dedicating resources to improve the energy grid so you can live life with minimal […]

How to understand and manage indoor humidity like a pro

For most homeowners, ensuring that their house is inviting and comfortable is a top priority. The perfect temperature, lighting and furniture are key, but have you considered how humidity levels affect your livelihood? The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) recommends that households maintain relative humidity levels of 45-55% for optimal comfort. […]

Search for healing leads to Last Day Dog Rescue

This guest post written by Phyllis Sollars, Public Protection coordinator, Emergency Preparedness and Response for DTE Energy Today is Thursday, transport day. This means that when I get home from the office, I will feed my dogs (three of them now) and make myself dinner. I will then gather the supplies needed for tonight’s transport: three […]

Energizing youth: The importance of mentorship

Growing up and even as an adult, mentors are a constant. Whether it’s in school or at work, the benefits of a mentor are vast. For youth, some benefits include higher graduation rates, healthier relationships, enhanced self-esteem and an overall better attitude about school to name a few. According to The National Mentoring Partnership, at-risk youth […]

Nichols takes advantage of opportunities that increase energy efficiency

This guest post is from Rebecca Holman, communications for the US Green Building Council West Michigan Chapter Nichols is a regional distributor of custodial and packaging supplies and equipment. They are headquartered in Norton Shores and have six other locations in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.  The custodial department partners with organizations to ensure clean and healthy facilities. […]

The power of lighting in productivity

How are your lights powering you? From the very moment we wake up to end-of-day bedtime texts, the light around us has a quiet but notable impact on how we live our lives. Direct light creates stimulation for the senses, which in turn has mental and physiological effects. A number of studies have been conducted […]

Empowering youth: ways to teach children self-confidence

Teaching kids to love themselves boosts self-confidence and helps them to grow into confident adults. Building a child’s self-esteem and helping them find their true self increases resiliency, encourages independence, and helps to foster strong relationship-building in their future among other things. In fact, research shows there is positive correlation between higher self-esteem and academic […]