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Tips for Enjoying Tailgating Parties Safely

There’s nothing like a fall tailgate party in the company of your friends and family. Many sports fans look forward to the warm cider, hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill and fun games of cornhole before football kickoff. While tailgating parties are lots of fun, it’s still important to be conscious of safety. Whether […]

Composting and other newer ways to recycle

In the Great Lakes State, the habit of recycling “returnables” comes second nature to us. Taking them in for 10 cents a pop has Michiganders bringing in more than 90 percent of bottles and cans purchased. Responsible recycling, however, goes well beyond this incentivized program. When it comes to every other reusable material, Michigan falls […]

Keeping Michigan families healthy, safe and warm

This guest post is from Saunteel Jenkins, chief executive officer, The Heat and Warmth Fund Every year, thousands of Michigan families are unable to pay their utility bills, and face the possibility of coming home to a cold and dark house. In 2016, more than 28,000 children and 4,800 seniors – our most vulnerable citizens – […]

Supporting conservation on Michigan’s coasts

This guest post is from Kari Marciniak, director of strategic communications for The Nature Conservancy, Michigan Field Office The Nature Conservancy is proud to partner with the DTE Energy Foundation to support conservation projects on both of Michigan’s coasts. The Conservancy is the leading conservation organization working in 70 countries around the world and all […]

Gear up for hunting season in Michigan

In the state of Michigan, hunting season really is a year-round affair. It is a sport that drove the development of Michigan on the path to statehood. Today, both peninsulas offer up about 8 million acres of public hunting land, which have in-state and out-of-state hunters traveling to the best—and often scenic—spots. That’s why the […]

Studying the autumn sky with your child

As we move into fall, our sky starts to shift to expose the autumnal constellations. This is a great opportunity to teach your children about the night sky, constellations, and the stories behind it all. As you may know, constellations are heavily based around mythology, getting their names from some major heroes and villains. As […]

Essentials for Winter Power Outage Preparedness

One thing most Michiganders can agree on is that our winters can be pretty harsh. What’s even harsher? Finding out in the midst of a winter storm that you’re not fully prepared. So much of our lives depend on electricity, and power outages can be inconvenient and dangerous if you are not prepared. There’s no […]