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Lapeer solar celebration shines

Cloudy skies and light rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of the Lapeer community or the 400 people who attended DTE Energy’s Lapeer Solar Celebration last Saturday, a fall-themed community celebration marking the completion of the Lapeer Solar Park. This was the first time DTE had held an event for the public at one of its […]

A significant boost to DTE’s solar generation capacity

In the spring of 2016, DTE Energy broke ground on its Lapeer Solar Park, which was at the time the largest solar array east of the Mississippi River. Now that the 200,000-panel solar park is in operation, solar energy makes up 7% of DTE’s renewable energy generation portfolio. Said another way, DTE’s solar projects can […]

Brothers find fulfilling careers in Michigan’s wind industry

Brothers Adam and Austin Osentoski feel very lucky to have found careers in the wind industry that have enabled them to live in Tuscola County, Mich., where their family has a farm and has lived for three generations. The brothers work out of DTE Energy’s Huron County Renewable Energy City with Adam working for Duke […]

A record-setting summer for solar projects

This summer, DTE Energy is commissioning two solar arrays for the record books. The company’s Lapeer Solar Project, with its 200,000 solar panels covering over 250 acres, is Michigan’s largest.  The O’Shea Solar Project, in Detroit, built on 10 acres of previously vacant land, is one of the largest urban arrays in the U.S. This […]

How renewable energy is improving grid reliability

While wind turbines and solar panels are still intermittent power sources dependent on sunny and breezy days to produce electricity, new technology is improving the reliability of these growing renewable energy sources. More durable construction, higher-efficiency equipment, and advancements in energy storage are making it easier for operators to reliably integrate wind farms and solar […]

A bright future for careers in renewable energy

The clean energy industry had made a significant contribution to the U.S. job market’s historic growth streak. With renewable energy costs dropping, and interest and investments skyrocketing, renewable energy jobs are among the fastest growing in the country. With this shift toward a cleaner future, the American workforce is being introduced to new specialized training […]

Lapeer now home to Michigan’s largest solar array

From the air, DTE Energy’s new solar installations in Lapeer are an amazing site. They are comprised of nearly 200,000 solar panels that will produce enough clean, emission-free energy to power 9,000 homes when they begin generating electricity this spring. The Lapeer solar arrays are named Demille, which is located between Demille Road and Interstate […]

How do wind turbines work?

Have you ever wondered how wind turbines create energy? Or why they need to be so high? Have you ever seen one standing idle on a really windy day and wondered why the blades weren’t spinning? What about the impact they have on the communities where they are located? Tune in to this podcast with […]

New DTE Energy Wind Park will power over 22,000 homes

DTE Energy customers are now benefitting from 30 wind turbines installed at DTE’s Pinnebog Wind Park in Huron County.  The new project has the ability to produce 50 megawatts (MW) of clean, renewable energy – enough to power more than 22,000 homes. DTE Energy began work on Pinnebog in early 2016, and its completion earlier […]